Legal Articles by Jeff Kelley

Learn more about the various state laws that impact you on a daily basis when you read Jeffery R. Kelley’s articles. In addition to providing his service as an attorney, Jeff Kelley works as a legal columnist in Black Hawk, CO. His more than 30 years of practice and plethora of personal experience makes him an excellent source of knowledge for motor vehicle laws, firearm regulation, beneficiary deeds, and so much more.

Jeff Kelley’s articles focus on a wide variety of topics surrounding major and minor offenses. He also provides his legal expertise and opinion on a variety of matters, ranging from motor vehicle offenses to personal injury legal matters. His keen eye for detail and his professional attitude regarding a myriad of often sensitive subjects makes his articles easy to read and helpful to the reader. Likewise, he provides the reader with valuable information they can use and apply to their own case, should they ever find themselves personally curious about what to expect.

Please keep in mind that while Jeff Kelley’s articles are informational, they should not to be construed as personal legal advice or constitute an attorney-client privilege. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, contact Kelley Law Firm, P.C. directly.

Jeffrey R. Kelley is a frequent columnist for the Gilpin County “Weekly Register Call”. His articles are reposted on this site for viewer information.