Case successes*

Confidential Settlement, Head and Neck injuries – Motorcyclist “hang-lined” by rope tied between trees at sports store event”
$25,000 Auto Accident Rear end collision – soft tissue injury
$35,000 Auto Accident Passenger side “T-bone” – soft tissue injury
$50,000 Motorcycle vs. Car Left turn in front of MC, road rash / soft tissue
$65,000 Motorcycle vs. Car Left turn in front of MC, road rash / soft tissue
$56,000 Auto accident Multiple vehicle rear end collision, neck injury
$185,000 Auto Accident Multiple vehicle collision- cervical neck injury
$100,000 Auto Accident Side swiped, broken foot, soft tissue
$70,000 Premises Liability Fall on ice -leaking sprinkler system- wrist fracture
$150,000 Auto Accident Passenger Snow plow caused sight limitation – femur fracture
$175,000 Auto vs Tree, Passenger Host Dram Shop – Homeowner supplied alcohol
$225,000 Auto Accident Dram Shop Restaurant overserves driver – Rotator Cuff Tear
$220,000 Motorcycle v Phantom Car Car runs Motorcyclist off road, driver left scene – Head Injury
$300,000 Scooter vs Auto Left Turn in front of Scooter – Severe head Injury
$175,000 Premise Liability Fall off loading dock ramp – no railing – broken femur
$187,000 Premises Liability Fall from porch, no railings, severe compression fracture syndrome
$50,000 Auto Accident T-bone – neck and back injuries
$147,000 Auto Accident Passenger Rear end collision – cervical neck injury
$275,000 Auto Accident Passenger Rear End Collision – cervical injury – rotator cuff tear
$125,000 Auto vs Horse Failure to control livestock – cervical injury – surgery
$175,000 Contract Dispute Tortious Interference with Contract
$200,000 Auto Accident Dram Shop Sports Bar overserved driver – passenger suffered severe injuries, driver incarcerated
$125,000 Auto Accident Rear end collision – cervical neck injuries
$250,000 Auto Accident T- bone collision, disc herniation requiring surgery
$2,000,000 Bicycle vs Van Cyclist struck maintenance van, failure to warn, spinal cord injury
$650,000 Auto Accident High speed head-on collision, severe fractures, disfigurement
$143,000 Premises Liability Fall on sidewalk, City’s failure to remove snow, wrist fracture
$175,000 Premises Liability Slip and fall exiting resort hot tub, cervical neck injury
$90,000 Pedestrian vs. Auto Car struck pedestrian in cross walk – head in jury
$29,000 Motorcycle vs. Auto Left turn in front of MC, road rash, soft tissue injury
$30,000 Motorcycle vs. Auto Left Turn in front of MC, road rash, soft tissue injury
$65,000 Premises Liability Fall on wheel chock at loading dock, cervical injury
$45,000 Premises Liability Sewer back up, black mold, emergency hospitalization for acute breathing impairment
$85,000 Hazing / Bullying High School liable for yearly freshman “dog pile” – femur fracture
$150,000 Wrongful Death Apartment house fire – bars on windows prevent escape
$195,000 Auto vs. Truck Driver of tractor trailer negligent, shoulder injury /surgery
$90,000 Premises Liability Fall in hole on City sidewalk concealed by snow, shoulder injury
$275,000 Wrongful Death Child passenger’s mother killed by negligent driver
$45,000 Food Poisoning Store fails to maintain seafood temperature – emergency hospitalization
$60,000 Assault -Test Drive Car dealer salesman assaults driver on test drive
$200,000 Auto Collision “T-bone” collision- Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, first rib resection
$350,000 Wages Withheld Employer refuses to pay wages and bonus /penalties assessed
Confidential Wrongful Death / Medical Malpractice – Inmate in jail
Confidential Wrongful Death / Dram Shop – Head-on Collision / Alcohol service
Confidential Boundary Line Dispute – Real Property


*The case results listed above, are representative of handling client matters, either solely by Kelley Law Firm, its attorneys or in conjunction with other attorneys or firms.